Youths In Ekiti State Have Been Warned Against Violence During The 2018 Elections


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Youths in Ekiti state have been warned against engaging in all forms of violence that could create the atmosphere of war, killing and wanton destruction of property before, during and after the July 14 governorship election. 

A nongovermental organization called New Generation And Women Development Initiatives and youngster development initiative gave the advice In Ekiti state.

The group, which is in partnership with Independent National Electoral Commission and the security agencies said it was out to educate and sensitize the youths in the state on the need to avoid violence in the poll. It said the collaboration with the electoral body, law enforcement agents was to ensure that the election was devoid of crisis and also acceptable to the people of the state.

This Move is being made to avoid what happened during the 2014 elections where there was the destruction of property and killing of people after the elections.


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