When Love Goes Sour... Why There Is High Divorce Rate In Recent Times [OPEN]

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  • June 23, 2018 - 3:41 p.m.

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Marriage has become increasingly difficult lately and this is evident in the high rate of divorce from couples.

This minute a couple is happily in love and the next minute they are beating themselves up and cursing out on each other.

What could have gone wrong?

Was there not enough love right from the very Adam of the relationship? Or could it be that the love went sour along the line that they can no longer bear the sight of each other?

Love can go sour, yes, but the rate at which people kill up themselves and hate on themselves is nothing short of appalling.

Nowadays, it will not be out of the ordinary to ask a couple when they are getting a divorce the minute you are congratulating them for taking the bold step to the altar.

One very crazy woman even made for herself a 'Divorce cake' with which she threw a Divorce shower to celebrate her exit from her barely one year old marriage.

How worse can the effect of civilization get to us?

We all love to take everything to the very extreme soon after we learn about them because that is really who we are.

I think some factors that might have contributed to the high rate of divorce is getting hitched for the wrong reasons.

Mr Desperation is also a huge contributing factor to the spate of divorce among couples in recent times.

A lot of people are in a hurry to take a race to the altar like it were some competition with a prize attached to the first to hit the mark.

Activists will give a detailed explanation on their stance that marriage is not an achievement while fanatics will list a million and one reason why marriage is a huge achievement.

Whichever school of thought you subscribe to, goodluck with that but I think we should be more careful in our choice of spouses in order not to add to the plethora of stories that touch the hearts that the world already has.

Compatibility should not be overlooked when choosing a life partner because for sure, you can not tolerate someone who you are not compatible with no matter how you want to twist it.

A cat and a rat will never be allies no matter how alike their names get to sound each time they are pronounced.

Love has been largely abused by people who probably don't know its value or have an iota of understanding about how the world revolves around love.

Divorce is seen as the only option in the face of the slightest argument which a couple could actually settle amicably.

This doesn't in any way encourage one to stay in a relationship that has gotten abusive just to prove a point that the rate of divorce isn't really as high as supposed after all.

Whatever rocks your boat anyways, rock on.

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