Pregnant Mum Weeps As Her Two Kids Disappear After Teacher Abandoned Them In Classroom With Others In Anambra

The missing kids.

© Stock Image.   The missing kids.

A pregnant mum has wept uncontrollably as she heightens efforts towards rescuing her two children who went missing from their school, Igwedimma Nursery and Primary school, Amawbia, Awka South LGA of Anambra State.

The duo of Kamsiyochukwu and Chidera, aged two and four years, respectively, reportedly went missing after their teacher left them in class alongside others at the close of school last Tuesday.

Reacting to the devastating news, the Head Teacher of the School, Mrs. Anene Stella said: “It was Tuesday 3rd July. We had a meeting with the Education Secretary at the LG Headquarters, Awka South LG Area and I went for the meeting. The meeting lasted till the school closed. So after our meeting, I went home from there and did not come back to the school.

“At about 4pm I was at St Mary’s Catholic Church Awka to attend a meeting when I received a call from one of my teachers that they were looking for the two children.

"She said the mother was in the school too, and they joined her in searching for them but could not find them anywhere.”

When the search proved futile, the school went to the central police station to file a report.

The mother of the missing children, Rosemary Chinyere Ezekwere, said she registered them last term after she got a new job in Amawbia.

According to her, it was easier for her to leave the kids in the care of the teacher after school and pick them up after work since she was new in the town, and had no house help.

She said, “I came here around January because I got employed with the Anambra State Internal Revenue Service. When I came to register the children, I approached the headteacher of the school, Mrs Stella Anene and told her that I am alone here in Amawbia because my husband lives in the village where he does his business.

"I pleaded with her and told her that at the moment, I had no help and I would want to know how one of the teachers could assist me to look after the children after their dismissal.

“She suggested that I should go and meet the nursery 2A teacher. I went and met the teacher, explained to her my predicament and she accepted. She agreed that she can stay with them till 3pm and she was doing it diligently.

“That fateful day, I came to the school at 2pm prompt, but when I entered their class none of the teachers was seen as usual in any of the classes. I could also not see my children, I only saw their bags and their launch boxes. I opened their lunch box and the food they carried to school was also intact.

“I saw other children that I used to meet in their class each time I came to collect them, but I didn’t see my children. I rushed out to the school compound to see if they are outside playing with some of the children, but they were not there.

"The teacher told me that the Aunty for nursery 2A told her to look after the kids when she was going to market, but that while she was in the class, the head teacher called her to bring her BVN number because the one she submitted was not complete. She said she went to her house to pick it.”

Ezekwere said she and her husband have also made an official report to the police, but that days after the report, no news of the children had been heard.

She called on anyone with useful information about her kjids to help her rescue thm safely.

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