Old Woman Caught Picking Used Sanitary Pads And Diapers From Refuse Dump In Imo State [PHOTOS]

Old woman caught picking used pads in Imo State

© Stock Image.   Old woman caught picking used pads in Imo State

Palpable fear has gripped ladies especially those residing in the Owerri axis of Imo State after an old woman was reportedly caught picking used sanitary pads and diapers from a refuse dump along Egbu road in the state.

A source who shared the story revealed that the bags she was with, were also loaded with the items as she moved to pick more.

Passersby collected the bags from her and set their contents ablaze and subsequently chased the woman way with a stern warning never to return to the area again.

It is not clear what the unidentified woman intends to do with the used items but a lot of people have suspected it might not be unrelated to some fetish reasons.

This has sparked an ongoing debate on how women should dispose of their used pads to avoid exposing them and running the risk of having them picked in such manner.

How do you dispose of your used sanitary pads and baby diapers? Do you think it is safer to set them ablaze or wrap them well before disposing of them?

Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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