National Tragedy: 50 Feared To Have Lost Their Lives In Adamawa, Taraba Attacks

Picture of one of the affected  villages

© Daily Sun   Picture of one of the affected villages

At least 50 People have been reported killed by Fulani militiamen in fresh attacks on Monday night in several border communities in Adamawa and Taraba states.

The farming communities around Gojefa, Bujum Yashi, Bujum Waya, Sabonlayi and Bujum Kasuwa villages in the Numan Local Government Area of Adamawa State were reportedly the targetted areas attacked by the Fulani militiamen.

Other communities affected by the assault include Anguwan Bishop Yotti, Todung, Budon, Bunzum and Bamga Dutse located in Taraba State.

According to Hama Batta, Alhamdu Teneke, The traditional ruler of Demsa Chiefdom, the frequent attacks in these areas have caused most communities in the area to abandon their farmlands. He insists that should the attacks continue, famine in these communities will be inevitable.

Expressing concerns about the attacks, House of Assembly representative, Sodomti Tayedi of the Numan community in Adamawa state had this to say, “Our people are farmers but my community is now living in fear since these attacks started in November last year and have persisted up till date".
She also added that “We are hopeless and helpless; economic activities here have stopped. This is a farming season and if we cannot go to the farm, then poverty and starvation are what is left"

She pleaded with the government, as a matter of urgency to come to the aid of the constituency before any more casualties occur.

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