Fidelity Bank Manager Orders Security To Beat Up Customers For Complaining [VIDEO]

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The branch manager of Fidelity Bank at Kola bus stop, Lagos State has sparked outrage after he issued an order to the security guards yesterday to beat up two aggrieved customers for complaining about the poor services.

A source identified as Olumide, who witnessed the incident said the customers were at the bank to file their complaints after the bank’s ATM debited them without dispensing cash to them.

The source said that the aggrieved customers lashed out at the bank for handling their complaints in a manner which was not satisfying enough to them.

This was said to have irked the manager who reportedly ordered the security guards to beat them up within the bank premises, perhaps as a way of cautioning them.

The security guard heeded to the 'order from above' and gave the customers the beating of their lives while some dazed onlookers recorded the incident with their phones. 

See the video below:

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