Court Frees Male Teacher Who Raped And Impregnated Primary School Pupil After She Said It Was Fake

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A teacher who was accused of impregnating a primary school pupil has ben freed by the court.

The court sitting in Harare, capital of Zimbabwe, freed the teacher after he got one of his students pregnant under some circumstances suspected to be a rape.

However, the underage pupil failed to prove the case conclusively after she recanted and said she had lied about her claim.

The primary school pupil, who cannot be named because she is a minor, said she was merely seeking revenge after the accused impregnated her and denied responsibility, reports iHarare.

Hwange regional magistrate, Collet Ncube, heard that the accused followed a group of girls, including the pregnant girl, and instructed the other girls to go back home after which he dragged the complainant into a bush and raped her once.

The girl said she had tried to free herself, but she was overpowered and after the offence, he threatened to beat her if she disclosed the matter and she complied.

Several state witnesses testified against the girl that the two were known lovers in the area and evidence to prove that she had been raped could not be established.

The girl later told the court that she had fabricated the case after her boyfriend had rejected her after she broke the pregnancy news.

This prompted the magistrate to advise her to apply for maintenance once the child is born before acquitting the teacher.

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