Angry Secondary School Students Burn Down Houses Of Classmate's Family After Accusing Them Of Bewitching And Killing Him

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Angry students of a Secondary School burnt down two houses belonging to a family which they claimed bewitched and killed their colleague.

The angry students of Nyakeyo in Kisii County in Kenya are said to have arrived the school on Monday morning and requested to be allowed to go and condole with the family of their bereaved colleague Jasper Ndege who died on Saturday.

One of the students who preferred anonymity disclosed that they burnt down the house of Jasper’s sister-in-law whom they believed bewitched him leading to his two weeks sickness which resulted in his death.

“We requested the school administration to allow us to visit the family, on arrival we got information that Jasper had been bewitched by his sister in law after which we set her house ablaze,” the source said.

The angry students then matched five Kilometres to Mzee James Omwega’s home at Gekongo village and burnt down his house on the allegation that he was shielding his daughter who is said to have sought refuge there.

Zipporah Omwega, who is a daughter-in-law to Mzee Omwega said that they were at home at 9am when they got information that students from Nyakeyo Secondary were coming to burn down their homes.

“The students who were around 200 descended on our home after which we managed to run away as we shouted for help from our neighbours since we did not understand why they were out to destroy our home,” said Zipporah.

Stella Masieka, a neighbor said that she was plucking tea at her farm when she had distress calls from Mzee Omwega’s home after which they informed the area administrators who immediately notified the police.

“Police responded swiftly and arrived at the scene and managed to repulse the students who intended to destroy the entire home of Mzee Omwega and his wife Ludiah who had left home for their daily duties,” said Masieka.

Kisii County Police Commander Hassan Abdi confirmed the arrest of several students in connection with the incident.

Abdi stated that his officers are currently carrying out an investigation over the matter, adding that his officers are maintaining security at the school and at the homes of Mzee Omwega and his daughter Irine.

He assured that those behind the arson would be made to face the full wrath of the law.

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