Adopted At Birth, This Happy Twitter User Shares the Story of How She Found her Biological Family

Albreanna and her family

©   Albreanna and her family


The whole is Twitterland is ecstatic for twitter user @Albreanna89 who just found her biological family. The Twitter user with the name Albreanna took twitter along on her journey to find her family. Adopted at birth, she never knew her real family, only that she had a Thai mother and a Black father. With the help of, she began the process to find them, soon she received a message from a man that turned out to be her brother and that was the beginning of her happily ever after. Albreanna found out she had other siblings, they all shared the same mother and different fathers. She was received with open arms and lots of love as she FaceTimed with them. Her newly found siblings, in turn, decided to surprise their mother during a family vacation by introducing mother and daughter for the first time.
She expressed her overwhelming feeling of anxiety and fear of rejection prior to meeting her mother. It was an emotional sight when mother and daughter met, she went on to share a tattoo of her name that her mother got a day after giving her up for adoption.
" she told me she was never going to forget me, and she didn't" she wrote.
On finally finding her family, she wrote, "I am complete. I’m a child who found ppl who look like me. Act like me. It’s crazy that my mom and I share the same mannerism but never grew up around her". To cap off the thread, she expressed her gratitude to for helping her find her family.

We all love a happy ending

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