78-Year-Old Woman Cries Profusely After Her Children Abandoned Her At Lagos Airport [PHOTO]

Lagos Airport.

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A 78-year-old woman, Bernice Ikerionwu, was seen crying profusely at the Murtala Muhammed International Airport, Lagos State after her children left her stranded.

A source identified as Iwuchukwu Benneth, a staff with the Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria (FAAN), shared the story on his Facebook page.

Benneth said the woman arrived the airport on Monday, August 13th, and was left stranded by her son who was meant to pick her up.

It was a passenger who saw the woman crying that notified the airport authorities who tried contacting her family without any positive response.

He wrote: "Please, this 78years woman Mrs Benice Ikerionwu arrived at Lagos Int Airport on Lufthansa airline on Monday 13/8/18 around 5pm and has been stranded there as she had no money, phone nor contact of Relation on her as at late nite that day.

She told us that her son Chimezie Ikerionwu was coming from Abuja to pick her on arrival but he was nowhere to be found as she was crying like a baby when one Bimpe Kemi an arrived passenger noticed her and reported to Airport Security and was with her at Tango city and Servicom elderly lounge all through the nite and also gave her money to eat when leaving in the morning.

Yesterday her daughter Chinwe Irabor nee Ikerionwu was contacted thru her phone numbers got from the Airline as she booked her mothers ticket, but she refused to cooperate with the Aviation security official who called her by not disclosing her two Brothers living at Ikeja and Ajegunle numbers to him instead she claimed that they had picked and that she slept at the sons house at Ajegunle.

Please, Isiala Mbano indigenes or anyone that knows Chinwe Irabor, Chimezie or any of the Ikerionwus should call them to come to Lagos International Airport and pick their mother who has been stranded.they should come to Tango City and pick her.

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