200-Level Student Jumped to His Death Off A  Bridge; Policemen Reported To Be Chasing Him


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Oluwadara Adedayo, a 200- level material science engineering student of Kwara state university, is currently fighting for his life after allegedly jumping off Cele-Okota bridge in Lagos state.

According to Punch news reports, Policemen attached to the anti-kidnapping unit of Lagos state police command chased Adedayo to the bridge where he allegedly jumped off.

It was discovered that the student, who was also on Industrial Training in Lagos, was heading towards Yaba area of the sate last Monday when he was accosted by the policemen at Cele bus stop.

After stopping him, the policemen demanded to check a mobile phone and a modem found on him. They then ordered him into their bus, Adedayo refused to obey the order until he was charged with an offense.

“They ordered me to enter the bus they brought and I refused. I demanded to know what I did to warrant me entering their bus but they did not say anything, only for them to bundle me inside the bus" he reported.

Adedayo claims the police bundled him into the bus, despite not finding anything incriminating on him.

“I saw an opportunity to escape from the bus and I did. I jumped out of the bus because of my past experience with policemen. A few months ago, some policemen accosted me at Durba (Lagos) and accused me of being an Internet fraudster without any evidence against me" he added.

Adedayo stated that once he jumped down from the bus, he crossed to the other side of the road and ran to the Cele-Okota Bridge where he then had to jump.

According to him, the policemen took to their heels when he jumped. Some good samaritans saw him and rushed him to the hospital. He claimed not to have reported the incident to any police station due to being admitted in the hospital.

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